FFA’s TUNApacific: A new space to talk about tuna for Palau

by Bernadette Carreon | 30 November 2016 | News

To attract attention to tuna stories, I’m excited to be part of the new TUNApacific website aimed at bringing issues around tuna closer to our Pacific people; and sharing our tuna stories in one online news hub.  From my experience as a longtime journalist in Palau, the issue of tuna and its economic benefits gets little news coverage.

Palau’s way of life is fishing but is concentrated on inshore fishing or one-man, one-boat kind of fishing. With tuna a multi-billion industry globally, Palau needs to realize the benefits of being involved.

Tuna being prepared for export from Palau to Japan

Tuna being prepared for export from Palau to Japan

I am excited to share to Palau my knowledge about tuna fisheries.

Maybe we are not asking the right questions or not getting the right answers, but I see the enormous potential in creating a domestic fishing industry in Palau and am hopeful that it will gain the same prominence in the media or in the campaign being conducted by Palau.

Watch this space for more reports, opinions or just plain rants about tuna…  (Bernadette Carreon)