The Pacific shone at the Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum – US

by Jenni Metcalfe | 20 November 2017 | Media releases

Fish 2.0 competition winners Solomon Islands Didds Fishing Company - Pacific Trade Invest


Three Pacific Island sustainable seafood businesses were among 40 finalists from across the globe that pitched to investors at the Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, CA, USA. Representing the Pacific Islands were Didds Fishing Company, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu’s Shepherd Islands Organic Seafood and Indigo Seafood Palau.

James Sanderson, Indigo Seafood said he was grateful for the opportunity.

“This has been such an amazing experience, I feel very honoured to have represented Palau and have this opportunity to speak directly to investors and show them what we are doing in Palau as custodians of the ocean to ensure there will be fish for generations to come.

It’s been great to be here as part of a Pacific Team, I’ve learnt a lot and want to thank Chad Morris, PTI Australia for initiating and putting together the preparatory workshop, ensuring we were pitch ready and could make the most of the opportunity. Also the support and feedback from Tony Sullivan, FFA and Jenny Wright, USA State Department and Leigh Moran, Calvert Foundation in the workshop”

The room erupted when Toata Molea, Didds Fishing Company was announced as the winner of the Pacific track of the competition. Mr Molea was ecstatic about being named a winner.

“I still can’t believe it, I’m so happy, all the pitches were of such a high standard, I feel very honoured to have won the Pacific Track.” said Mr Molea.

Chad Morris, General Manager, Investment and Tourism, Pacific Trade Invest Australia travelled to Palo Alto to support the Pacific finalists and help them prepare their pitches.

“The ocean and fisheries is crucial to the economic livelihood and food security in the Pacific Islands, it’s vital that we continue to develop and promote sustainable fishing enterprises, this is why PTI Australia became a sponsor of Fish 2.0 as it’s a great platform that not only brings Pacific fishing enterprises together but also nurtures and exposes them to an investment market they may otherwise have never encountered.

“There’s some amazing sustainable approaches to fishing that’s being developed in the Pacific, you just need to listen to the pitches from Toata Molea, Didao Fishing Company,  Obed Matariki, Shepherd Islands Organic Seafood and James Sanderson, Indigo Seafood to hear how they are making an impact not only in the ocean but also assisting the communities of where they operate.

“Each of the Pacific enterprises did an amazing job pitching, they did the Pacific proud and too see how far they have come both as individuals and clarity in their business from when they started the competition is immense. To have made it to the stage at Stanford University and to pitch to a room full of investors is a huge and they should be proud of this achievement.”

2017 Fish 2.0 Winners

  • US south Atlantic track: Panacea Oyster Co-op
  • Chile and Peru track: Sustainable Fishery Trade; Lima, Peru
  • New England track: Real Oyster Cult; Duxbury, Massachusetts, US
  • Pacific Islands track: Didds Fishing Company; Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • Southeast Asia track: EnerGia; Bangkok, Thailand
  • West Coast and Alaska track: Northline Seafood; Sitka, Alaska, US
  • Supply chain innovation track: NovoNutrients; Sunnyvale, California, US
  • Transparency and traceability track: ThisFish Seafood Traceability; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Short pitch competition winner: American Unagi; Thomaston, Maine

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PTI Australia, The U.S Department of State, The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency are sponsors of the Fish 2.0 Pacific Islands Track.