Tonga gets $US10 million grant for fisheries management

by Radio New Zealand | 19 April 2019 | News

Small catch. Photo: Francisco Blaha.

Republished from Radio New Zealand, 19 April 2019

Tonga’s government says dozens of coastal communities will benefit from a new $US10 million grant towards fisheries management.

The World Bank on Thursday approved the funds, which are part of a sustainability project improving compliance and governance of commercial fishing.

Tonga’s fisheries minister, Semisi Fakahau, said improving the sustainability of the country’s fish stocks is vital to its economic prosperity.

The World Bank project will also improve fisheries monitoring and outcomes for women working in the pearl industry, he said.

Tonga is heavily dependent on its fisheries, with around 82 percent of Tongan families involved in reef fishing, according to government figures.